A software for annotation of tridimensional body postures in bidimensional images

  • Annotate 3D body position from 2D images
  • Export to json and text files
  • Import body postures in Matlab
  • Compare body postures with other postures or mocap data


The Pose software was developed by Prof. Luiz Naveda, at the School of Music and Postgraduate Program in Arts of the State University of Minas Gerais, with support from CNPq (310450/2019-5, 420106/2021-9.) and FAPEMIG (APQ-02909-22), and support from the Corpuslab Research group.


Pose annotator

Pose annotator is an application that allow to annotate 3D body positions and other information from images.

Pose Toolbox

Pose Toolbox is a set of Matlab functions to process, compare, export and study the annotations using quantitative methods.

How to download?

The software is in phase of registration in the patent office. Please, contact Luiz Naveda, for requests.